Secrets Of The Tribe

secrets of The Tribe

Secrets Of The Tribe is a health-conscious company that was founded in 2016 and which resides in one of the most eco-friendly states in the U.S., Colorado. Providing the public with wholesome natural botanicals. Secrets Of The Tribe embraces our general ancestry of knowing and believing that Mother Nature has always held the key to unlocking the answers to the questions we have about our human health. With amazing quality and innovative formulations, the herbal products that they offer uphold a lifelong commitment to the wellness of body and mind by promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while also embracing our ancestral origins.  

why secrets of the tribe?

Plants come in all kinds of different shapes, colors and sizes, and the effects and abilities that they possess differ just as much as their chemical composition. There are many herbs out there in the world that seem to exert incredible pharmacological abilities. Whether backed by secure and credible research or merely anecdotal wisdom, the pure essence of knowing that something so incredible exists that it challenges conventional improbability could bring great relief and optimism to the individual self. Secrets Of The Tribe allows you to tap into their extended and diverse archive of herbs, with over 400 natural substances. You never know what you might discover.

Single Herbs

The single herb products offered by Secrets Of The Tribe come in both capsule and tincture form. With over 400 different natural herbs to choose from and discover, feel the essence brought on by nature and its abilities to heal and assist.


Created by a team of professional herbalists, these blends are specifically crafted for targeted reasons. Whether it be for the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, reproductive system, an imbalance of hormones, kidney health, lung health etcetera. The ingredients that take part in these blends have been specifically selected for their actions that target these zones of discomfort and imbalance. These blends also include zone and seasonal specific blends called city formulas. These formulas are made to help those living in different city dwellings cope with environmental factors.

Secrets Of The Tribe For Cats And Dogs

As with humans, animals may also benefit from plants in similar and different ways that we do. Created by experienced herbalists, these formulations are completely natural and free of flavorings and aromatic additives. Treat your critters with care with Secrets Of The Tribe.