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Mondia Whitei, also referred to as “white ginger,” is a robust forest climber tree, which has been used in African traditional medicine for centuries. It is native to almost all of the regions of Africa. It’s nutritional, medicinal and traditional versatility has made Mondia Whitei a prolific plant. With it’s many medicinal uses that of which some have been partly studies, researched and documented. The ancestors from these regions have passed down traditional uses and knowledge about Mondia Whitei  to subsequent generations through word of mouth. But apart from the knowledge that has been documented by ancient elders in the traditional cultures of Africa, more recent ethno-botanical surveys continue to cite local use of the species.

Mondia Whitei has been utilized by native African tribes for many decades, to treat a number of bodily discomforts and irregularities. It is most known for it’s aphrodisiac properties and it’s assistance to regulate problems with sexual impotency and libido in both men and women. In many parts of Africa, if not all of Africa, Mondia Whitei is regarded as a highly valued medicinal plant.

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The science behind the botanical

For those who don’t want to rely solely on surveys and cultural wisdom there are a number of scientific studies involving the use of different solvent extracts of Mondia Whitei. These include biological assays investigating the aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tyrosinase ( Tyrosinase is a copper containing enzyme found in plant and animal tissue that catalyzes the production of melanin, over activity may lead to counter productivity in melanogenesis) and anti-oxidant activity. Mondia Whitei extracts have shown great potential in most of the biological activities investigated, validating most of the cultural wisdom documented on the surveys. 

Mondia happens to have a wide array of essential nutritional compounds, making it a great multivitamin source. This list includes vitamin A, B1, B2, B3,D, K, E, minerals such as Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Copper, Potassium and so on. This African herb may even be a readily and affordable alternative source for the prevention of macronutrient deficiencies, especially amongst poor populations. Despite the long expanding traditional usage of Mondia, only a few studies exist on the isolation of bioactive compounds from it. Phytochemical analyses of ethanol extracts of M. Whitei have indicated the presence of reducing sugars and triterpenes, subsequently, the presence of phenolics, alkaloids, saponins, polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins were reported. These biomolecules have shown great benefits in assisting our health. The phytochemical vigor of M. Whitei shows promising antioxidant properties as well which can therefore be useful in combating free radical molecules that arise from various environmental factors and causalities such as oxidative stress. 

Traditional Uses

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Mondia Whitei has been stated to assist quite a number of bodily discomforts and irregularities. Through out different ethnic groups in Africa it is a well known mild laxative, meaning that it stimulates and loosens up evacuation of the bowls. Easing abdominal pain, alleviating nausea, a well known treatment for fever, bilharzia also known as snail disease, and a very well known aphrodisiac assisting sexual disfunction are just a number of reported traditional uses. In Uganda, a root decoction is documented to induce labor, fight malaria infections and eradicate worm infestation in Benin and Nigeria, as well as being a cure for male infertility in Cameroon. In Kenya, a survey showed that Mondia Whitei was practically used to treat a variety of problems, for example; ringworms, skin diseases, stomach worms, heart diseases and even asthma. Adding to that, certain unspecified groups in South Africa use M. Whitei to treat stress and tension in adults, to stimulate appetite, again as an aphrodisiac and even for treatment of fits in children. As you can see, as the regions differ, so does their utilization and application of Mondia Whitei.

Research Studies

Although Mondia Whitei can perform many beneficial effects, it’s most touted effect is it’s libido boosting properties. Libido boosting aphrodisiacs act at the level of the central nervous system by altering specific neurotransmitters or specific sex hormone concentrations. They can be effective in both sexes, although most act through an increase in testosterone concentration and are therefore male specific. Several studies have validated the androgenic effects of Mondia Whitei, mainly on rats but nevertheless, the end results have given validation to certain traditional uses. Studies have reported that chronic treatment of rats with Mondia Whitei induced a significant increase in serum and testicular testosterone levels, the testicular protein content as well as sperm density.

In an acute study, 20 adult male Wistar rats were used and were randomly divided into 5 groups of 4 animals each.  Four treated groups were administered orally a single dose of Mondia Whitei (400 mg/kg) and the controls received a similar amount of distilled water. In the acute treatment groups, the serum and testicular concentrations of testosterone remained unchanged at all time points. However, a chronic study was also conducted on 28 rats who were divided at random into 4 groups of 7 animals each; Groups 1, 2 and 3 were given orally the plant extract (400 mg) for 2, 4 and 8 days. Testicular testosterone was determined by radioimmunoassay. After the duration of the study the animals were sacrificed and the epidydimal sperm density, the serum testosterone, testicular testosterone and 17 beta-estradiol were assayed. The serum, testicular and epidydimal protein contents were also determined. Chronic treatment for 8 days induced a significant increase in the testicular weight, the serum and testicular testosterone, the testicular protein content and the sperm density compared to the control group. The researchers concluded that Mondia Whitei  possesses androgenic properties with it’s effects that seem to target the development of androgens.  

The manufacturers

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Based in the USA, they have taken a pure, untreated, organic extract of Mondia Whitei root exported in from South Africa, to assist the populous with it’s finding and many beneficial properties.   

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