Ethically grown, wildcrafted botanicals

For many decades and in countless cultures and traditions, plants have been the go-to source for alleviating bodily discomforts, symptoms of different kinds and truly for overall relief and betterment from varying diseases. From the root to the leaves, the nutritional denseness and active chemicals derived from certain plants have shown miraculous effects throughout years and years of traditional practice and documentation. Now, In a time in history where medical costs have taken a leap for the stars, and more people than ever are seeing the causes that stem from ignoring the natural phenomenon that is our biology, our once praised and accepted ancestral knowledge of nature and of ourselves is making it’s way back into the lives of those that are willing to accept it.   

The Garden In The Jungle has gathered some of the most prominent, clinically studied, ethically grown botanicals available online, from some of the most well trusted manufacturers available, and has brought them here to the public, with the intention to reconnect people and plants. 

The green path of betterment

Traditional Vs. conventional

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