About Us

About us

Here at The Garden In The Jungle, we are committed to finding, communicating, understanding and providing people with quality herbal and natural supplement products. Our mission is to learn, educate and reference an alternative way of medicine that has been documented and practiced for many years before us. The importance and need of reconnecting with beautiful “Mother Nature” is surfacing now like never before in the minds and lives of innumerous individuals, and along with this, so are countless chronic, genetic and degenerative diseases, ailments and discomforts of all kinds. Our intentions are focused on changing lives through education and eventually, knowledgeable application of an alternative form of recovering our vitality, vigor and overall developmental health. We are not manufacturers or distributers of any products presented, instead, The Garden In The Jungle is a niche based informational manifestation based on assisting the public when it comes to purchasing products alike. We welcome you with open arms and a stance of peace. 


The Garden In The Jungle is here to assist the public by diversifying the open options of alternative and natural remedy. By agreeing to indulge with open eyes on our website, you are agreeing to responsibly take your own health matters and decisions into your own hands. We do not claim that the products presented on this domain cure or treat any injury or condition. Instead, the content on this website is only for informational, educational and developmental purposes. The information presented and content as a whole, should not be taken as medical advise or as a diagnosis of a specific medical condition. We as humans, are all personally and individually unique in our nature. The products recommended should not be taken or seen as a motive to avoid, decline or discontinue any medical treatment prescribed by your doctor. We are not medical practitioners and advise that you seek licensed professional  help for any concerns in specific. Our hope is to spark enough interest within each individual that is guided our way, about not just how important nature is to us humans, but how amazingly codependent every aspect of nature really is, and how that codependency relates to our mental, physical and spiritual progress and development.

The Manufacturers

Products are all around us but when it comes down to supplements, we all want to make sure that we are getting a genuine product. Effective quality, economics, and transparency on the manufacturers behalf should always be taken into account before purchasing any product. Trustworthiness is important when your dollar is still worth something. This is why we have scavenged through a niche based cascade of providers of natural products, mainly wildcrafted herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and other natural substances, to bring two things to the public. One, to bring the best, most ethically grown and cultivated products, non-GMO, and free from any kind of additives or excipients. And two, to provide the public with variety and versatility when it comes to choosing between wholesome wildcrafted products or rigorously tested, examined and analyzed patented supplements. We believe in keeping traditional methods of utilization such as using the wildcrafted herb or plant directly from it being wildcrafted. But there is no doubt that technology has made many things possible for us. There are of course, certain individuals in need of a more assuring product when it comes to finding the perfect item that fits their body and lifestyle. This is why here at The Garden in  The Jungle, we provide the public with the best of both worlds, wildcrafted, harvested natural products, and rigorously tested, safety patented supplements derived from none other than Nature herself. 

Through this website, we intend to bring education, conducted research to emphasize safety and certain precautionary  documented effects and to assist the public in making an educated decision when purchasing herbal and supplement products alike, with manufacturers that have shown themselves to be reliable and trustworthy.