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What is an herb?

Without a doubt, natural alternatives for supplementation of different kinds exist all throughout our world. These alternatives, whether it be fungi, algae or a plant, contain chemical ingredients within their structures that have measurable effects on the human body.

Why should You care about Health

In the modern world of today, we are bombarded every waking day of our lives with all kinds of toxins and chemicals that cause damage to our body, mind and ultimately, our spirit. As individuals, we should take matters into our own hands to diminish these damages, and one of the easiest and most convenient ways is to supplement!

Natural substances can assist us as humans to become resilient over these environmental factors affecting us. Herbs can help our body adapt to stress, uplift our mood, regain focus and concentration, build immunity and can even help us overcome certain health conditions. That’s not to say that they can’t have adverse effects on someone, because they can if used inappropriately. 

Herbs have played an incredibly important part in human development since the very beginning of human history, so why would we stop developing now?  


Herbs have been valued for their flavor, fragrance, medicinal and healthful qualities, economic and industrial uses, pesticidal properties and coloring material for many many years. 

It is difficult to smile with a stomach ache, i guess happiness does come from the inside

Certain foods and substances that are naturally created in nature are so well made that they should be deemed more than just a supplement! 

These foods offer essential sustenance and nourishment that contribute to our human health in a way that can only be experienced!

Go through some of the most exotic substances on the planet!

Awaken Your Genetic Superpowers By Tapping Back Into Your Roots

The world of plants is as vast as can be. And with so many different type of plants and benefits, it can be easy to lose interest in how they can be utilized. We invite you to check out the vast array of seemingly exotic and commonly known plant remedies, brought to you by our trusted affiliates! 

We are partnered with reputable brands that highly focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, education and applicable knowledge, and the  Mother Earth in general. We want the world to feel the true sensations that the Nature which we come from has to offer us, for our benefit and development. 

Experience is the best teacher...what are you willing to learn?

moringa Oleifera

In 2008, the NIH ( National Institute of Health) named Moringa the "Botanical of the Year". Since then, the NIH has now teamed up with other organizations to fund further research about Moringa and it's believed nutritional benefits.

The Magic Of Real Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used by traditional healers and royalty for many years, and for a very good reason. These fungi are naturally loaded with antioxidants, polysaccharides, and many more significant compounds that could provide mood boosting, cognition enhancing, immune strengthening, stress relieving and anti-aging properties. Fungi including Reishi mushroom, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Tremella, Chaga and Turkey tail are amongst some of the most sought after medicinal mushrooms in the world. Enter The Garden In The Jungle and explore the region of fungi.

Shilajit For Exceptional Wellbeing

Shilajit is quickly becoming a fast growing essential supplement for health!

Made through a complicated natural process, this sticky, black, tar like substance that forms in mountains with high elevations, where nature has been working for millions of years under extreme conditions, has been used for thousands of years. Records of its use extend as far back as five thousand years!

Benefits Include:

  • All-Day Energy by Maximizing Mitochondrial ATP Production
  • Healthy Collagen Production for Skin, Bones, and Joints

  • Nitric Oxide Synthesis and Circulatory Health

  • Sizable Increases in Free and Total Testosterone
  • Enhancement of Intracellular CoQ10

And The Benefits Do Not Stop There!

We Bring To You... Scalar Infused Shilajit!!

Experience The Astounding Benefits Of Cacao: The Original "Chocolate"

Chocolate is best known for being an indulgent confection. Historically, the consumption of “dark chocolate”, or the source from which it is derived from, cacao, is very well documented for having various health benefits!

Cacao is a great natural source of healthy fats, essential minerals, antioxidants, and many more beneficial compounds that are becoming of great interest to researchers.

Cacao refers to the Theobroma Cacao tree and the raw, unrefined bean that comes from the tree's fruit.
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